NOTICE: This page is almost entirely inaccurate and contains many comical coding issues, but we present it still for the sake of a good laugh as it was one of the first pages used on the Green Cafe original website over twenty years ago. We have since moved down the street a bit (54585 N. Circle Dr., Unit D). The pictures portrayed are of the Uptown Cafe back in the day. Now, it is known as Cafe Aroma.
the Greensters
Jeffrey & his cats own the store.
Erik wants to control your mind.
Our resident TV & movie star.
Ward is our Russian Translater and heads ours Intelligence Department.
Don Graphic Designer & Collections Agent and the longest-lasting greenster so far, he brightens the store when not roaming with the streets of Idyllwild.
Lollipop returned safely from her trip to Venus to much rejoicing.
Le Cafe
When we are not out slinging Java we here slinging drips.
Princess will return after having sampled the real coffeeshops in Seattle.
This is way outdated.
Paul is a stunning Photographer and Graphic Designer. Unfortunately, Paul is afraid of falling objects and always wears a hard hat
Brilliant Philosopher.
Okay, she doesn't work here, but she could.
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